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Fire update via big sur Kate 

Not good. It doubled in size overnight – actually in a 24 hour period. Keep Mariposa, its occupants, human and critter, and surrounding areas in your thoughts today. ALL firefighters, from whatever agency, have a very difficult job.From this mornings 209:

45,724 acres with 7% containment as of 0600 today.

8 single residences destroyed, 1500 threatened

4,968 total persons to date evacuated

Projected movement is the fire will spread to the east, southwest and southeast.

Critical Resource Needs: 19 STA, 12 STC, 12 STG, 10 CRW2, 17 STL, 13 WT, 4 EXC (With Thumb), 2 Skid Steer, 14 DIVS, 22 HEQB, 6 FSRS, 6

FOBS (For Contingency),1 FALM, 2 wheeled chippers behind pickup trucks and 1 READ.

2,208 Personnel assigned but numbers are still being reconciled.

ICP and Incident Base will be relocating to Merced Fairgrounds on 07/18. There will be a Mariposa Camp at Mariposa

fairgrounds with a staging component at the Mariposa Fairgrounds.


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