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Health center update 

Big Sur Health Center update – Monday, February 27th
The Health Center reopened today and all went well. Medications have been picked up and will be delivered to Specialized Aviation for transport tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.
Please note the next medication transport is scheduled for Saturday, March 4th. Please contact us by Thursday, March 2nd, at 1:00 pm if you wish to have your medications on Saturday’s flight.
We will provide updates periodically as transport schedules are determined.

Big Sur Chamber of Commerce

PO Box 87

Big Sur, CA 93920

(831) 667-2100



http://www.TheBigSurBlog.com – Contains updates on emergency information when appropriate.
Highway 1 Big Sur now has a toll free hotline to Check Road Conditions courtesy of CalTrans 888-836-0866
To subscribe to this email list send an email to bigsur-subscribe@bigsurcalifornia.org


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Loma vista gas station 

Hello Big Sur!
The Gas station at Loma Vista, south of the Pfeiffer Bridge, will be open from 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon every day until further notice.

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Hwy 1 update 


Monday, February 27

1:00 PM
Photos of: 1-2) Mud Creek (PM 8.8); 3-4) Paul’s Slide (PM 21.6)






· DUE TO EXTREME SAFETY CONCERNS AND THE BRIDGE’S DYNAMIC INSTABILITY, EVERYONE needs to STAY CLEAR and not get within 100 feet of either side of the bridge. This closure will be enforced.


· Drilling began Thursday, February 23 and will continue for approximately two weeks. Caltrans geotechnical and bridge experts from around the state are working as quickly as possible toward the bridge replacement. Drilling investigation findings are targeted for March 17.


· On the maintenance side, our goal is to make progress with the slides to regain as much access from the south as possible. We are also working to keep the roadway passable from the north to just north of the Pfeiffer Cyn Bridge—for locals only. 




Locals may travel in a truck, SUV or van, daytime only (after 10 am):

1) between Ragged. Pt. and Limekiln Crk Bridge (PM 21) and

2) between just north of Pfeiffer Cyn Bridge and Carmel.


Another update regarding the Highway 1 Big Sur Coast will be provided around mid-morning Tuesday, Feb. 28 or sooner if conditions change.


NOTE: For information on emergency services only (not Caltrans road inquiries) for the Big Sur Coast, you may contact Gerry Malais, Mon. Co. OES via email at: malaisg@co.monterey.ca.us or Maia Carroll, Mon. Co. OES PIO at carrollm@co.monterey.ca.us or via phone at (831) 796-3092.

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Big Sur Health Center

From Big Sur Health Center via CPOA
The following is from the Big Sur Health Center.
Big Sur Health Center will reopen today, Monday February 27, at 10:00 AM. 
Anyone needing medication refills should contact us by 1:00 pm. We have arranged for helicopter transport Tuesday morning. 
This requires intensive staff time, so we are trying to consolidate trips to all the various pharmacies. Please check your supply and plan ahead. Thank you!

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Helicopter flights 

Hello Big Sur!
Specialized Helicopters will be running shuttles in and out of Big Sur this morning (Monday, February 27- 9AM-Noon) from Monterey Airport. Several incoming flights are full so there are open seats going out. Each leg, in or out, is $375 each way for the flight or $125/seat. You can carry a small amount of luggage on your lap but if your luggage needs takes up another seat you will need to buy that seat.
Please call Specialized Helicopters so that we can optimize each flight and to keep the flights full and affordable for you and make it possible for Specialized to run these shuttles for us.
Flights are limited.
Call Specialized Helicopters at (831) 763-2244 to reserve a seat.


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Hurricane point–new slide 

Clarification- cars are getting through. The slide has been pushed to one side. 
Hello Big Sur!
From CHP that was on duty at Hurricane Point last night, February 25: 

The officers last night encountered another slide covering both lanes near MM 57 and advised the roadway is impassable. They also noted near mile MM 57.59 the shoulder is giving way and there are multiple cracks in the roadway.
There is also a guard rail in the same vicinity that is compromised (second picture). Apparently, there is a house down below and to the right of the guard rail. For reference, CHP is still on fixed post on SR-1, just south of Palo Colorado (MM 61) so this new slide is just a few miles south of their location.

New slide at Hurricane Point at MM 57 – It is now cleared to one lane

MM 57.59 the shoulder is giving way and there are multiple cracks in the roadway.

MM 57.59 the shoulder is giving way and there are multiple cracks in the roadway.
MM 57.59 the shoulder is giving way and there are multiple cracks in the roadway.

MM 57.59 the shoulder is giving way and there are multiple cracks in the roadway.

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Big sur health center 

From Big Sur Health Center via CPOA
Hello Everyone,
Following is a note about Health Center services.
Big Sur Health Center will reopen Monday morning at 10 am. We finally have power and water. Yeah! We hope to have phones by Monday. You 
Until then, for any medically-related concerns or requests, please continue to contact our answering service through our main number, 667-2580 and someone will be available to help you.
Prescription Medication Orders


Sharen Carey, PA-C and Executive Director at the Big Sur Health Center, and her Staff will help with all prescription medication orders.


Please call the Health Center directly at: 831-667-2580

If the Health Center is closed due to power outage, please leave your message with the Answering Service and they will pass your message to Sharen and Staff.

Sharen will return your call and work out the details with you.

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