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by Michael Kline, the Community’s representative to the Esalen Board of Trustees


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Dear Esalen Community,

I am grateful that no one was physically hurt in the fire at South Coast last night. However, almost twenty people lost their homes and possessions, and we had to find beds on campus for 48 people last night. Most of the top level of South Coast was destroyed but the fire did not reach the lower level. We do not know when the lower level will be habitable at this time. Right now, we have beds for everyone, and we are assessing the situation and planning for longer term housing needs. There is no further danger of fire in the lower level but South Coast will not be habitable tonight. Starting at 11 am today the HR team is available to meet individually with staff who were affected. This meeting is required for those people who lost their possessions. Please go to the HR Office and you will find a sign up sheet for people to meet one-on-one with Scott, Jerry, or Michelle, who will assist in meeting anyone’s needs. The fire department is still on scene and is cleaning up. Maintenance is waiting for clearance to get utilities running. We hope to have information later today for people who want to recover their belongings. This will be an organized effort. Please do not go to South Coast until you receive further instructions. I deeply appreciate the fact that our community pulls together to care for one another in crisis situations. All of our dedicated staff reported to work this morning. At this point we do not anticipate any impact on the seminarians and leaders involved in our workshops. There is a Managers meeting at 4 pm today in Maslow. At 5 pm there will be a Community Gathering on the Oval in front of the Lodge for more information. For future information updates check the web-site or the bulletin board in front of the office. Blessings, Tricia

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