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Per Danny Milsap from Caltrans, Highway 1 is now open!
Have a nice Thanksgiving.

Hat tip to Danny Milsap and Susana Zavala-Cruz at Caltrans for relaying the late night and early morning messages to the Big Sur community.


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As per Danny Milsap, Caltrans – due to a slide at or near Coast Gallery, Highway 1 is closed from MM 11 on the south end to JSO Nepenthe on the north end. Conditions and highway status will be re-evaulated in the morning.

MM 11 is about Willow Creek/ Gorda area

For mile marker information visit http://www.bigsurcalifornia.org/mile_markers.html

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Its being reported there are football size rocks in the north and southbound lanes. Caltrans is going out to the slide to put signs up and to see if they can clear it tonight. Technically it is a closure at this point but they’re going to try to clear it if its possible.

Check http://cad.chp.ca.gov/ for ongoing updates

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The Annual Big Sur Fall Harvest Art & Crafts Fair will take place at the Big Sur Station (known also as the Rangers Station, the Multi-Use Facility, etc.) from 10:00am-4:00pm Saturday November 29th and Sunday November 30th. If you have any questions contact Teresa Sutton at:


Big Sur Harvest Art & Crafts Fair

Saturday & Sunday, November 29th & 30th


~ handmade crafts and fine art, jewelry, gifts & food ~

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The Big Sur Grange Committee has just posted a notice that the Grange will be closed for the rest of the winter.

An alternate location is currently being sought for the Craft Fair, previously scheduled for November 29th and 30th at the Grange. For questions about the craft fair, or if you have a suggestion for a new location, please contact Teresa Sutton at:


From The Big Sur Grange Committee:

On Thursday night, 11/6 the Big Sur Grange Committee met and made the decision to close the Grange for safety reasons. We know how important this community hall is to the families of Big Sur. Even more important is the safety of each family member.

If there is precipitation anywhere in the watershed east of Highway 1, even while the sun is shining in the valley, the debris flow freight train will start rolling down Juan Higuera Creek. Those who have experienced, or seen tapes, of the strength, rapidity, and sudden onset of these overflows know how dangerous they are. We will not risk the lives of our children, friends and neighbors.

Having made this decision we now can focus, totally, on how to protect and save our Grange building for future meetings, celebrations, shows and pot-luck dinners. The process is open to everyone. Keep checking the websites as we gather information and develop our plans.

No reservations for the use of the Grange hall will be accepted until further notice.

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A note from Charles Bell at the National Weather Service this morning:

Hi everyone!

As all of you know, we are always looking for ways to improve our weather data network especially in some of the more rural locations.

I am excited to announce that the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network (CoCoRaHS) is now in California! This volunteer-driven program will allow people the chance to enter precipitation data on a daily basis and have the information immediately displayed on a web site (http://www.cocorahs.org/State.aspx?state=CA). With this new data, we will be able to do more storm verification, local storm reports, research, and hopefully improve our forecasts in the long run. This data will be particularly useful around the Big Sur area due to all of the burn scars which have greatly increased the chance for debris flows.

If you have any questions, or want more information, please feel free to contact me via email at charles.bell@noaa.gov.

Thank you!

Charles Bell
National Weather Service Monterey

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Lisa G. here. Two quick announcements:

The CHP just reported a no-injury accident of a vehicle with a rock or rocks near Torre Canyon – don’t know any details, but if you have to drive anywhere tonight please be very alert to debris fall on the road.

The National Weather Service (NWS) is looking for feedback on how this rainfall is impacting local watersheds, particularly Ventana Creek and Lyon Creek. If you have information, please call 800-437-2689 as soon as possible to report it.

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